Barristers’ Chambers Limited (BCL) provides chambers for the majority of barristers in Victoria. The retention of BCL chambers by members facilitates mentoring and the exchange of ideas, enhancing individual practices. This forms the basis of our application process and instructs us in the way we develop and innovate our locations and services.

Applications for vacant chambers close strictly at 12:00pm each Tuesday following their being advertised.

Complete applications, including any appropriate additional information, must be submitted before this cut off time. To apply for chambers all barristers need to complete the Chambers Application Form.The allocation of chambers will be in accordance with the Chambers Allocation Policy. These advertisements may be subject to change. Please click here for information on sharing chambers.

For further information on chambers please contact Sharon Speckmayer on 03 9225 7925 or



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Applications for vacant chambers close strictly at 12pm each Tuesday.

Aickin Chambers

View Building

No rooms available.

Castan Chambers

View Building

No rooms available.

Douglas Menzies Chambers

View Building

Room 0706


Isaacs Chambers

View Building

Room 0826


Room 0824


Room 0827


Car Park 33


Car Park 69


Room 0935


Room 0833


Room 0934


Room 0909


Room 0936


Room 0925


Ninian Stephen Chambers

View Building

No rooms available.

Owen Dixon Chambers East

View Building

Room 0224/225


Room 1310


Owen Dixon Chambers West

View Building

Room 2310


*Services will be invoiced separately, details on request or online.

Please note the following:


  • All prices advertised include GST.
  • This advertisement is subject to change, as are these conditions. Any changes are available on the BCL website (
  • In order to expedite the allocation process, Barristers will be limited to applying for ONLY 3 VACANT ROOMS, in priority order, per weekly advert. Applications close at 12 noon on the closing date. The highest preference available will be offered.
  • Successful applicants for the vacant rooms will be notified personally or via their Clerk on the Tuesday afternoon following the closure of this advertisement at noon on the same day.
  • The granting of any tenancy is not conditional on the purchase of furniture, secretarial or suite contribution but this may be a factor if there are competing applicants.
  • As BCL provides accommodation to the majority of barristers in Victoria, the retention of BCL chambers by members facilitates mentoring and the exchange of ideas enhancing individual practices. Barristers benefit from the fact there is no need to provide onerous bonds etc. Tenancies are monthly but generally long term – many tenants have remained in the same chambers for in excess of 10 years.
  • Successful applicants will have until 5.00pm on the following day the offer is made to respond (or at BCL’s discretion). Failure to respond within this period will mean that the room offer then lapses and it will be offered to the next most senior applicant (subject to the Chambers Allocation Policy).
  • Applications will only be received via BCL room application form.
  • Rent is payable in advance on the 1st of each month.
  • Rooms let on a monthly tenancy in accord with BCL Allocation Policy and BCL’s standard terms and conditions.
  • Car parks are offered to BCL tenants only. Joint applications are not permitted. Allocation is based on seniority.

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