Cyber Security

With an increased number of members now working between chambers and remotely, it is important to keep your data secure and remain vigilant against potential email phishing attacks.

BCL has introduced a range of cyber security tips and services to help barristers avoid risky scam emails and secure their data. See below for more information.

Spam Emails

Be aware of suspicious emails, particularly those with links requesting personal information and passwords.

  • If a message appears to be from you and has been blocked, held by BCL’s cyber security (Mimecast), it is most likely a SCAM and should not be released.
  • If a message or reminder doesn’t look right it is more than likely untrustworthy.  A good indicator of this is the email address it is coming from.
  • When releasing held messages in Mimecast claiming to be from your email address make sure to only select the ‘Release’ function and not ‘Permit’. Doing this will ensure that only that specific email is delivered to you, whereas selecting ‘Permit’ allows our systems to deliver all messages from you, some of which may be scam emails.

Sign up for International Access

As part of BCL’s cyber security standards, access to some online services is limited to within Australia only.

  • This includes your email and Microsoft 365.
  • To access your data from overseas, click here to register for international offshore access.

Free Cyber Security Training

Improve your security awareness.

  • For all barristers with an email.
  • Each month barristers will receive material and assessments to improve their security awareness, with certificates issued upon completion of each module.
  • Click here to register.

Install & Keep Anti-Virus Protection Up to Date

Sophos with Intercept X is available for devices running on Windows and macOS.

  • Annual cost of $58.30 inc. GST.
  • Includes Antivirus, Anti-Ransomware and Exploit Prevention software.
  • Click here to order.

Contact the BCL Service Desk

The BCL Service Desk operates Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm for technology solutions and support.


9225 8888


Log a service request here.

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