Chambers on Monthly Tenancies

No barriers to entry or exit

Occupy any BCL room on a monthly agreement under the Chamber Rules of Occupancy with no commercial lease to sign.

Work alongside your fellow members of the Bar

Be co-located with over 1,500 other barristers, the Bar and all its facilities and your clerk in the same building or nearby.

No hidden costs

No additional outgoings and all additional services are billed separately on an itemised invoice.

All services billed on one invoice

Less administration and assists in managing your cash flow.

Sharing arrangements

A variety of shared and flexible chamber options.

Chamber management

We help you with all aspects of chamber management including billing, signage, coordination of in chamber joinery and more.

We Manage all Building Aspects

Free up your time to focus on your practice.

We manage 1,350 chambers across 77 floors in 7 buildings.

Scaleable benefits

With high volumes we can leverage our strong supplier relationships to ensure the lowest cost for all members of the Bar.

Reduce your risks

Reduce your exposure to risks such as vacancies (which we wear) and market increases.

BCL Service Desk Support

Dedicated support from our team

One central point of contact for all your service requests via 9225 8888 or

Corporate Grade Technology Services

No set up costs

Connect to the BCL enterprise network at no charge.

We provide all the services you need to run your practice

Technology services include:

  • Internet, telephone and WiFi
  • email service
  • Video conferencing
  • End to end hardware and software
Personalised support

Technology expertise provided to support your practice.

Discounts for Readers

Chamber Discounts

6 months discount on selected rooms available to Readers who have recently joined the Bar and have not yet taken chambers.

Complimentary Email

3 months complimentary email service.

Complimentary Internet

3 months complimentary internet service.

Managed Floor Services

Personalised staffing solutions

Leave it to us to organise paralegal, reception or secretarial support for you floor with no employment cost or risk, recruitment costs.  We will also manage payroll for you.

Bespoke the services you need for your floor

We can organise and manage the services you choose for you floor including:

  • Printer (including administrative costs)
  • Arts or subscriptions
  • Consumables such as tea and coffee
  • Or other services as you require
Cost effective

Share the cost with other barristers on your floor.

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