BCL provide corporate grade relevant, reliable and innovative technology solutions to support barristers’ needs.

As part of our technology and network services, we provide dedicated Technology Consultants who understand barrister requirements.

To contact us for more information about our technology network services and support please complete a service request and we will be in touch.

Our Technology Services Are:


With backup services and secondary access solutions in place, our network can be relied upon when you need it.


With market leading next generation firewalls, you can have peace of mind that your internet connection is protected.


With speeds to exceed the growing need for agile communication, research and more.

Technology & Network Services


Our secure internet service is delivered with reliability and professionalism. Our internet service will give you access to:

  • Unlimited data (downloads and uploads)
  • High speeds
  • Backup web access where necessary
  • Service Desk support
  • Network firewall infrastructure to protect you in the event of global outbreaks of viruses and malware

To read more about our internet service, click here.



Our email service will give you access to:

  • A standard 50GB mailbox on Microsoft servers
  • Access via web (https://outlook.office.com) and common mail clients
  • Industry leading email spam filter
  • Service Desk support

To read more about our email service, click here.


BCL’s enterprise VoIP telephone system has over 1,600 users.

There are many benefits associated with having a BCL extension and handset including:

  • Instant access to Victorian Bar directory via the ‘Dial by Name’ feature, which also includes mobile phones
  • Customisable call routing paths so all unanswered calls can be diverted to your secretary, clerk, mobile or voicemail
  • Free voicemail service including instant voicemail to email notification
  • Free calls within the BCL internal network
  • Free ongoing telephony support and/or training

Connecting to the BCL telephone system is easy, and installation is usually completed within 48 hours.

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Handset Selection

All barristers taking advantage of BCL’s telephone system will require a BCL extension.

If you are wanting to answer calls directly, you will require an approved handset. We have selected four premium handsets for you to choose from:

Function/feature 8028 8038 8068 8082
Quick reference guides Quick Reference Guide for the Standard Handset 8028 Quick Reference Guide for the Standard Enhanced Handset 8038 Quick Reference Guide for the Premium Bluetooth Handset 8068 Quick Reference Guide for Premium Touch Screen Handset 8082
Handset Manual Handset Manual for the 8028, 8038 & 8068 Available Soon
Hands-free / loudspeaker Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conference call capable (up to 6 parties) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monochrome screen Yes Yes
Colour screen Yes Yes
Touch screen Yes
Screen size 40x70mm 47x71mm 53x71mm 92x152mm
Bluetooth technology (with wireless handpiece) Yes Yes
Dial by name function (Victorian Bar directory online) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal speed-dial (72 entry storage capacity) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable volume Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable contrast Yes Yes
Call log (50 call capacity) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Last number redial Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Mute button Yes Yes Yes Yes
Message wait/Missed call notification lamp Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with 10 & 40 key add-on module & 14 key smart module Yes Yes Yes
 Description Standard handset recommended as the best value handset. Enhanced handset recommended as an enhanced handset that gives users easier access to all functionality. Premium enhanced Bluetooth handset with capability to connect a wireless headset. Top of the range premium enhanced Bluetooth handset with touch screen.

You can also purchase the following accessories for your handset:

Additional programmable soft key

Accessories available 8028 8038 8068 8082
10 Key Expansion Module – paper labels Yes Yes Yes N/A
40 Key Expansion Module – paper labels Yes Yes Yes N/A
14 Key Smart Display Premium Module – with digital display labelling Yes Yes Yes N/A

A portable unified communications speakerphone that gives you the power to literally turn any room into a conference room. You get outstanding sound quality and a plug-and-play solution that can connect to your PC via USB, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth or USB.

Function/feature 8028 8038 8068 8082
Jabra Speak 510 Conference Unit N/A N/A Yes Yes
Alcatel-Lucent 8115 Audioffice  Yes Yes Yes Yes


Noise cancelling features filter out background noise to create ease of telephone conversations.

Function/feature 8028 8038 8068 8082
Jabra Biz 2400 Noise Cancelling Mono Headsets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jabra Pro 920 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headset Yes Yes Yes N/A

To order a handset or handset accessory, please complete the Handset Selection Order Form.


Rainbow allows you to receive and make calls, divert and fully access your BCL 9225* landline through your mobile phone and tablet. This mobility option provides you full control of your desk phone remotely as if you are in chambers. This option is available to all barristers and PA’s with a @vicbar.com.au email address.

Register for Rainbow with the BCL Technology Team here.

Instructions on how to use Rainbow can be found here.


Purchase Technology through BCL

For more information on purchasing desktop and software solutions through BCL please visit the Technology Services & Support Page.

For direct access to purchasing devices online click here.

Technology T&Cs

Click here to review the Communication and Technology Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.



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