Report an Incident

Step 1. Report all incidents by telephone to our Service Desk on 9225 8888.

Step 2. Complete this form within 12 hours of major incidents, and 24 hours of minor incidents and near misses.

Emergency Procedures

An emergency is defined as any event that arises internally or from external sources which may adversely affect the safety of persons in a building or the community generally and requires immediate response by the occupants.

Note: If there is any doubt as to whether any hazardous situation constitutes an emergency, then it must be treated as an emergency.

Evacuation plans can be found on all levels in the lift lobby area. BCL requests that all tenants take the time to familiarise themselves with the emergency procedures.

View your building’s Emergency Procedure:


Chamber Security: Tips & Guidelines

  • Program security 03 9225 8684 into your phone
  • Be aware of people trying to enter chamber areas, common areas and carpark behind you
  • Ensure you secure chamber doors when you are not in chambers
  • Report loss or theft of possessions and access cards to security immediately
  • Update your electronic keys regularly at designated update reader stations
  • Do not loan or pass on your electronic access card and keys
  • Report suspicious persons and activity to concierge immediately
  • Report suspicious packages unattended or received via mail (isolate the item)
  • Advise BCL of extended time away from chambers
  • Familiarise yourself with building emergency information, contacts and first aid information
  • Place valuables in locked cabinets and keep out of sight when not in use
  • Lock your PC when not in front of it
  • Familiarise yourself with your floor warden and assembly point
  • Take note of people taking disproportionate interest in you or your activities, and report to the Security Manager
  • Look out for your fellow barristers and take an interest if something appears unusual


Security Contact

Commissionaire / Security Guard


Ground Floor, Owen Dixon Chambers East

Ph: 03 9225 8684

Mobile: 0421 639 746


On-site – 7.30am – 10.30pm


To ensure that BCL continues to provide properly maintained and secure properties for its tenants, we require our Event Notification Form to be completed prior to any floor function, formal training session or other event where third parties may be invited onto BCL premises.

By completing this form, BCL is able to ensure that:

  • Cleaning can be undertaken after your function;
  • Floor and building access remains secure at all times;
  • Emergency management procedures are communicated to key floor representatives;
  • Proper insurance is in place and;
  • BCL is able to allocate resources to provide further assistance, where required.

The Event Notification Form can be found here and must be completed and provided via our Service Desk at least 48 hours before any event.

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