BCL Cyber Security Upgrades Commencing July 2018

Globally, cyber-attacks are on the rise and it is evident cyber criminals:

1.         Are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks

2.         Have deep insight into the operation of businesses

3.         Are aware of the types of online services individuals and businesses use every day and are able structure their attacks to exploit the use of these services

BCL is committed to providing a secure network, email hosting and internet service.

In order to enhance the security of the network, BCL is undertaking network security upgrades in stages from July 2018 and you will receive a communication from BCL when your floor will be affected. This project is title The Network Access Control (NAC) Project and will add an additional minor step to your login process making it more difficult for unauthorised access to the network.

What does this mean for me?

When you connect a device (computer or laptop) to the network using a LAN cable, a pop-up dialogue box will appear, prompting you to enter your login details in order to access the network.

User Guide

For a step-by-step guide on logging in to the BCL network to access our internet services, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This project is a network security update which will make it difficult for cyber-criminals to gain unauthorised access to the BCL network, thereby improving security for users.

A: This security upgrade aims to restrict unauthorised access. By restricting the use of the network, it will assist in the protection of BCL’s network against security threats and loss of client data.

  • Data protection – This security upgrade will provide increased protection against attack, damage and potential loss of data.
  • It will help us, help you by identifying unknown devices which may pose security risks.

A: Access to the internet will now require you to enter your Vic Bar email address and password.  For more information please visit the User Guide.

A: Your login details to access the network will be your Vic Bar email address and the password you use to log in to your Vic Bar email account.

A: Open your web browser and go to URL http://www.bclnetwork.com. This will open the login page where your credentials should be entered to access the network.

If you do not have a Vic Bar email address, please contact the BCL Service Desk and request a new BCL user account for temporary network access. The Service Desk will confirm your identity before logging a new account request.

a)     When you connect your device to the network using a wired connection, a dialogue box should appear automatically.  Your login credentials should be entered here.

b)    If the dialogue box did not show up automatically then you will need to open your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc.) and go to www.bclnetwork.com. This will open the login page where your login credentials should be entered.

c)      If the auto redirection does not happen in your web browser, then please restart your device and repeat the above steps.

A: Please check that you are connected to the internet by opening a browser window and going to http://www.google.com. If not, then you will need to log in to BCL network using your Vic Bar username and password.

A: Please contact the Service Desk and request a password reset, please note we may need to verify your identity.

A: Please restart your device. Once the restart is complete, Outlook will prompt you to enter your password. Please enter the new password to get Outlook working.

A: On the day the new network security settings come in effect, there is a provision for users to use a temporary access account in case they do not have a valid access account of their own.

The Service Desk can provide this temporary account at the same time the user logs a request for a new user account. The temporary access account will expire within two days. Within this time, the user should get a valid user account from Service Desk.

A: No disruptions are required to implement this upgrade.

A: It is anticipated your first login for the day may take a couple of minutes.

A: The upgrade will happen in multiple phases between July and November 2018, focusing on one building at a time.  The affected floors will be informed one week in advance of the exact upgrade date.

A: BCL will be providing on-site IT support during the project implementation. We will provide more information when we implement this on your floor.

A: Phone: 9225 8888.

Email: servicedesk@vicbar.com.au.

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