What Does BCL Offer?


  1. Internet and email
  2. Additional email storage
  3. Onsite IT support
  4. ScreenConnect remote support


1. Internet and email:

This is connection to the BCL network which includes internet access and an email hosting service where you can access and save your emails, calendar and contacts.

The key difference between BCL and other service providers is that we operate a Helpdesk for these services, which is beyond the level of general support commonly offered.

It is very rare that either of these services fail and, if they do, we have back-up servers and back-up web access. We cannot guarantee 100% uptime. We do operate at well over 99.50% uptime.

SOPHOS Email Filtering Step By Step Guide Available Here


2. Additional email storage:

BCL offers additional email storage, the default storage being 500 megabytes or 0.5 gigabytes. This storage amount can be doubled for an additional $10 per year, and then $5 for every subsequent gigabyte up to 5 gigabyte for $30 per year. This charge is additional to the yearly email fee of $38.50.


3. Onsite IT support:

Onsite assistance with computers and other devices is now available within the Melbourne CBD. This is charged at $176/hr including GST. The minimum charge is for 30min and thereafter is charged in 15min increments or part thereof.

However, if on determination of BCL staff the fault lies only in BCL equipment, it will be resolved at no charge.


4. ScreenConnect remote support




If you have any questions please contact the BCL Helpdesk on 9225 8888.