About BCL


Barristers' Chambers Limited (BCL) was established to retain freehold and leasehold properties to provide accommodation for barristers.

BCL owns and leases buildings conveniently located near the principal court complexes in Melbourne which it rents to barristers as professional chambers. A range of sizes and configurations of chambers are available at varying rentals.


BCL presently offers chambers when available at:


OWEN DIXON Chambers East   -   205 William Street

OWEN DIXON Chambers West   -   525 Lonsdale Street

AICKIN Chambers   -   200 Queen Street

COLDREY Chambers   -   533 Lt Lonsdale Street

DOUGLAS MENZIES Chambers   -   180 William Street

GORMAN Chambers   -   533 Lt Lonsdale Street

ISAACS Chambers   -   555 Lonsdale Street

JOAN ROSANOVE Chambers   -  550 Lonsdale Street

NINIAN STEPHEN Chambers   -   140 William Street

CASTAN Chambers   -   460 Lonsdale Street 


BCL also provides the Bar with an integrated telephone network, internet access and other IT services which enable effective and convenient communication between barristers, barristers' clerks and their clients.